Learn more - EN - Aquahara Water Generator

See our pilot system south of Marrakech in Morocco

This video shows our project in the village of Dar Bouidar. The system includes a total of 100 m² of solar collectors (thermal and photovoltaic) and produces around 200 liters of water per day. 


Learn more about atmospheric water generators

This video presentation shows the disadvantages of conventional atmospheric water generators and how startups are working to build more efficient devices using solar energy. We agree with the criticism that has been published on atmospheric water generators and want to discuss what is needed to move forward. The most important solutions to the water crisis involve a dramatic policy change in agriculture, industry and city planning. Conventional atmospheric water generators make the problem worse because they effectively burn 1 liter of fossil fuel to produce 5 liters of water. Newer types of solar atmospheric water generators will still be too expensive for agriculture. But if startups can lower their cost, they can become an alternative and renewable water source for communities and corporations in dry regions that rely on water truck deliveries.


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